What People Say about The Admin Awards:

The Admin Awards is proud to consistently generate a 98% Very Good- Excellent survey rating among event attendees, which includes both business leaders and their administrative staff. Below is a snapshot of what people have to say about The Admin Awards.  

The tremendous turnout and genuine enthusiasm amongst everyone there. Very refreshing.

JANET PALMER Development Coordinator, UT Arlington June 6, 2016

What a fabulous job on a GREAT event! We were so pleased to be honored and truly appreciate your efforts. I’m very thankful to work for such a great firm and with bosses who always help make us shine! Again, KUDOS for a terrific 1stAdmin Awards event!

TREVA BURKS RGT June 6, 2016

I am very grateful and humbled for such a celebration. I came back to work more motivated than ever after being part of this celebration and hearing all the wonderful stories. I hope my daughter sees me in the same eyes Sunny sees her mom – what an honor to your mother, Sunny.

JANET SHOPPELL Administrative Resources, Texas Health Resources, Presenting Sponsor June 6, 2016

I left the Fort Worth Admin Awards event with a very positive feeling that I had attended an extremely worthwhile event that honored a group of working women whose hard work and efforts are often overlooked and underappreciated. Three cheers for bringing this event to Fort Worth.


What a huge success!  Everyone is amazed at how nice the luncheon was, well run, upbeat and NOT cheesy!!!  You and your team are true role models for all women in business, such guts and determination.

JUDI SAMBOL Trigate Capital Partners June 6, 2016

I am so glad we got to be apart of the Admin Awards this year! I was truly amazed, as you guys did an unbelievable job putting everything together. My team from D&B was very impressed and we hope to be a partner again next year. Keep in touch!

June 6, 2016

We are SO thrilled Rudy won the Above the Call Award.  I know she’s a great receptionist and she really deserved something like this!!  So I truly appreciate you all recognizing her with this honor!!  I can tell you she is beaming throughout the office now!

STEFANI MUSICK Chacon Autos, Ltd. June 6, 2016

Always knew you were a BRILLIANT! Shining Star! Sunny you deserve an award for your Admin Award concept.  You’re so giving to others and that’s huge!

SAUNDRA GROVES Administrative Assistant, Children's Hospital June 6, 2016

Core24 went above and beyond all expectations for the 1st Annual Fort Worth Admin Awards. The celebration was excellent and really celebrated the Administrative profession.

JAMIE GILBERT Senior Administrative Assistant, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, Presenting Sponsor June 6, 2016

What Core24 does to recognize Admins is amazing. You are all truly inspirational.

MELISSA SIMPKINS Executive Assistant, GRACE June 6, 2016

One of the best events I’ve attended from the music being played to the proper use of video, presenters who were effective and informative to the table decorations, every detail was well thought through.

MELODY MATTOX Director of Talent Management, Sendero Business Services June 6, 2016

All the attendees always say that this is the best award presentation that they attend each year. The goodie bags are packed full and much appreciated.

DEB PURVIN Texas Capital Bank, Leadership Award Sponsor June 6, 2016

From the moment I opened the email inviting me to serve on the judges board, to driving away from the Omni yesterday, I knew I was in the presence of exceptional and authentic people with Core24 staff members and all those they amassed to produce, from start to finish, such an extraordinary event for under acknowledged, well-deserving folks devoted to the work they do and the people they serve. How fulfilling to work hard in such a feel good environment for the benefit of those who offer their valuable expertise with a servant’s heart. Wonderful work resulting in a fun, smart and well-produced event with support from outstanding leadership in the community as presenters and sponsors. Kudos!


The luncheon was very well done, and honestly the best food I’ve ever seen at that type of event.

KELLY CALVERT VP, Marketing, Dallas Stars, Rookie of the Year Award Sponsor June 6, 2016

Wow what an honor to be a part of The Admin Awards. I felt like the red carpet was rolled out for the Admins in a very special way. It lifted my spirits and made me feel very proud to have chosen this career path.

TIFFANY SIMMONS Executive Admin, PepsiCo June 6, 2016

Thank you so much for all of your hard work on the AdminAwards.  I know how hard you worked on this event, and your hard work did not go unnoticed.  The event was spectacular!  Our CFO told me this was the best business event he’sever been to in Dallas!

BARBARA MILO Hall Financial Group June 6, 2016

Thank you so much! It was awesome and I thank you for creating a fabulous awards program that I know will continue to grow in the years to come. Thank you again for everything!!!

KRISTIN BULT MarketWave June 6, 2016

You all did a fabulous job with the inaugural Awards luncheon. Great fun. I predict that you will double next year to 600 and 750 to 900 the year after. It was all about the Admin Professionals, exactly as it should be.

RANDY SMITH Smith Frank Partners June 6, 2016

I know you worked extremely hard this week with the Admin Awards and the award ceremony was simply stunning – One of the best high-energy events that I’ve attended and trust me, I attend a ton of events. Great work to you and your entire team! We are honored to have been partnered with you. Looking forward to the great things ahead.

HUSSAIN MANJEE President & Chief Success Officer, DHD Films, Above the Call Award Sponsor June 6, 2016

As a finalist, I felt so appreciated, loved and respected from start to finish – including the nominee reception, all of the announcements and the final event itself. While I was not a winner in my category, I felt so honored, humbled and blessed to be a nominee and then finalist and to be able to have my coworkers and friends attend the event with me. I can only hope to maybe be nominated again and be part of this amazing experience once again. THANK YOU to all who made this event possible and for making us as Administrative Professionals feel very very special!!


An incredibly well-organized effort to recognize admins who love their work! The attention to details! The check-in process, the pictures, the flower arrangements, the delicious meal, the presenters, etc. I really liked the story Sunny shared about her mother! Wow! I was surprised about the prestige of the event. I felt like I was at the Oscars or something.

LEAH KEYES Administrative Assistant, Texas Christian University June 6, 2016

THE EVENT WAS AWESOME! Once again you have out done yourselves. Absolutely a first class event. I’m so proud to have Delta Dallas be the presenting sponsor! Thank you for allowing me to play a bigger role this year. It is so fun for me and honestly was the highlight of my year! Congratulations on another incredible event!

DEBBIE TREVINO Chief Strategy Officer, Delta Dallas, Presenting Sponsor June 6, 2016

I thought the Dallas Admin Awards Event was absolutely fantastic. The event planning ad coordination in advance was flawless. The actual awards presentation was spectacular and appropriately recognized the achievements of all the nominees and winners. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed this to be a long-standing annual event.

DAVID STEPHENS Director, PepsiCo Foodservice June 6, 2016

I just want to compliment you all on a WONDERFUL job you did with the Admin Awards. As an administrative assistant, it is most encouraging to see so many companies and individuals lift up their support staff. So often our role is looked down upon. So thank you for the encouragement and praise and special event you had specifically for this group of individuals. The welcome, the funny video and music, tasty food and awesome prizes and awards – all were FABULOUS! I look forward to next year’s celebration.

ANNIE DAWSON MarketWave June 6, 2016

We get such great feedback from the advisory board meetings. I feel those relationships are my strongest opportunities to share our many price points.

KATHY ROGERS Nothing Bundt Cakes-Preston/Royal, Table Gift Sponsor June 6, 2016

This event was perfect in every detail. The time and effort that was put into the planning was obvious from the moment we arrived until we drove away. It was my first time to attend the Admin Awards but it will certainly not be the last.

JUDY C. MARTIN HR Manager, IRIS USA, Inc. June 6, 2016

I must say, The Admin Awards gala was awesome. Wow.

RON TOUCHON XTO Energy, Inc June 6, 2016

The Admin Awards was a great way to bring together a group of professionals that are often overlooked. There is certain camaraderie amongst other peers, and being able to come together in that type of setting was amazing. I look forward to next year’s event.

CRISTINA MCDONALD Executive Assistant, AT&T June 6, 2016

Just wanted to send you a thanks from all of us at The Richards Group who attended the Admin Awards luncheon today. Congrats on a beautifully-executed event that meant a lot to some of the ladies at our table. Jean had a blast and is really honored. I hope we see you guys at next year’s event.

JODI PHILLIP Richard’s Group June 6, 2016

My staff had a great time and felt valued by the awesome program and we are all still wondering how did you put this together in such a short time

LILLIE BAGGINS President, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, Presenting Sponsor June 6, 2016

WOW! What an amazing event to honor those who make it all come together in the office. This awards programs celebrates people who make a difference every day within the world of administrative support. By providing a venue to recognize those who do a great job with new ideas, community involvement, loyalty, leadership and new comers to the field is motivational and inspiring. We  look forward to this event growing every year! Great Job.

KIM FOLLIS Vice President, Delta Dallas, Presenting Sponsor June 6, 2016

Any opportunity to celebrate the tremendous efforts administrative professionals put into their work and career gets a high five from me. Often times admins just do it because it needs to be done, never thinking of recognition. Thank you!!!

WILLIE SUBLET III Treasury Administrative Assistant, Kimberly-Clark Corporation June 6, 2016

The Admin Awards was hands down, the best business event I’ve ever attended.

DON BRAUN President, Hall Financial June 6, 2016

The lunch was so much fun, you all do a great job and it was great to see all the community involvement. I look forward to working with you all again next year!!

JENNIFER CLINE Associate Director of Catering, Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel, Community Champion Award Sponsor June 6, 2016

I was not expecting such an excellent and first rate event of that size. Well done! The size of the event… This was very well-attended and supported. The looped slide show was very good- every 8th or 9th slide was a tribute to the major event sponsor- very impressive! The video was especially effective and entertaining.

DUFF O’DELL Board Director Assistant Manager, GRACE June 6, 2016

So exciting to see so many companies realizing the value of the staff that supports us to be able to do what we do! I know I might fire myself before I let my admin go, she makes me 10 times more efficient!!!

COLLEEN AFFELDT CEO, Orbitas ECR June 6, 2016

All the attendees always say that this is the BEST award presentation that they attend each year. The goodie bags are packed full and much appreciated.

DEB PURVIN Texas Capital Bank, Leadership Award Sponsor June 6, 2016

I came to the event grateful to be a Nominee. I left proud to be an Admin. You inspired me with your generous display of gratitude for my profession. The 2014 Fort Worth Admin Awards Cocktail Party was a true gift of encouragement and recognition. A big thank you to my boss for the nomination and you for a beautiful event.

BARBARA ODEN Administrative Assistant, Child Study Center of Fort Worth June 6, 2016

I have looked for external ways to acknowledge, appreciate & recognize our administrative professionals and until this point, there weren’t many. I applaud Core24 for finding an unmet need & doing such a great job of filling it!


Super great event!!

DARIN KLEMCHUK Klemchuk LLP, Big Idea Award Sponsor June 6, 2016

Sunny, you and your team provided us with a splendid event. The attention to detail belied the fact that it was the first annual luncheon. I especially appreciated the music for each introduction. Thank you for recognizing the work of us behind-the-scenes folks.

NANCY MILLER Administrative Assistant, Treasury Services, Bank of Texas June 6, 2016

Outstanding! No BS guys, today’s event was so well done. That is the sentiment of everyone at our table and many others who were overheard on the way out. Over the years, I’ve listened to administrative people deny being admins and work hard to be called something else because they have felt demeaned by being expected to “serve” someone else. I really think you’ve done a great job of elevating those positions to their true level of importance. As was said many times, those admins are the ones that made our individual and company achievements possible.

I also thank you for allowing us to present the specific award Kevin gave out. The idea of community, volunteerism and charity is an integral part of our business lives. Personally, I felt it was us that got the honor every bit as much as the winner. Thank you!

STUART PRESCOTT Regional Senior Vice President, Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC June 6, 2016

This is the first time I’ve ever been involved in anything like this or heard of anything like this for an Administrative Assistant. The overall presentation was very special. The words of “thanks” and “appreciation” for administrative assistants was so kind. What an undertaking and coordination of efforts by the internal Admin Awards team and externally from each nominee and finalist’s workplace team. The beautiful decor, raffle items generosity, choice of music, and finalist take-aways was impressive. I also appreciated being able to invite my family, friends, and coworkers to share the recognition experience with me. Thank you Fort Worth Admin Awards!

DONNA MILLER Administrative Assistant, Lighthouse for the Blind Fort Worth June 6, 2016

Thank you so much! It was awesome and I thank you for creating a fabulous awards program that I know will continue to grow in the years to come. Thank you again for everything!!!

KRISTIN BULT MarketWave June 6, 2016